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2023 Collective 365 Grant

The 2023 grant application opens on February 1, 2023 and closes at 11:59pm EST on March 1, 2023.

In an effort to remove barriers to accessing funding, we are offering grant applicants three options to apply for our grant funding. Your application will be given the same consideration, regardless of what option you select. If you have questions or concerns, please contact

3 Ways To Apply: 


Use a Google Form to apply


Schedule an appointment to complete the application via phone


Use visual storytelling to apply


If I join or donate can I still apply for a grant?

Yes. If you join the Collective and/or make a general donation, you may still apply for a grant. Members of the Collective are not eligible to vote in the same giving season they apply, but we believe in giving and getting.

Can I apply for a grant if I live outside the DMV area?

Grants are only awarded to applicants who primarily serve Black & Brown communities in the DMV (DC, MD, VA).

How are grants awarded?

Every member of the Collective is asked to contribute $100 or $50. 


The member contributions are used to create grants. The number of members who make a contribution determines the grant amount awarded each year. Every member, regardless of contribution level, gets a vote at the Community Brunch. Throughout the "giving season", grant applicants will have an opportunity to share the issues and needs impacting their community.  The Grants Committee will review grants applications and make selections. 

Are grants only for non-profits / 501(c)(3) organizations

No. We encourage individuals, community initiatives, businesses to apply for grants.  Organizations that have 501(c)(3) status are also eligible to apply.

Is there a minimum operating budget requirement for grant applicants?

No. We know that many funding sources require that you have money in order to get money. This often excludes many from receiving funds and the Collective seeks to remove that barrier.

I have more questions, but I do not see the answer. What should I do?

We want to answer your questions, please feel free to reach out to Fatima, the founder, via email at

What is the "capacity building" component of the grant application? Can I qualify for that and the grant funding?

Collective 365 will be offering "capacity building" in addition to grant funding for applicants.  Capacity building is the Collective's way of connecting members to the work in the community.  For example, the Collective may have a few social media marketing guru that are willing to provide "x" amount of hours to develop social media evergreen graphics to a grant applicant.  Capacity building can be granted to applicants even if the Collective is unable to award them grant funding. Grant applicants are automatically considered for grant funding and capacity building. It is one of the unique aspects of Collective 365.

What if my idea is new, can I still apply?

Yes. If you are an individual/ group/ business/ non profit who is seeking funding to start a new initiative in your community, we encourage you to apply. We do not require applicants to be operating for a minimum amount of time in order to apply.

If I received a grant last year, can I apply again this year?

No. We ask last year's grant recipients to wait one year (or one grant cycle) before applying again. For example, If you received a Collective 365 grant in 2021, you would be eligible to apply in 2023.

If I applied using the online application, can I do a phone interview to provide additional information?

No. We ask grant applicants to select one method of applying. Phone interviews are only used to complete the grant application.

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