About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

The co-founder, Fatima, wanted to start a giving circle that reflected her values, identity, and passions.

The 12 founding members represent a wide range of talents, life experiences, passions, and abilities. Just as our founding members reflect a range of identities, we seek that in our membership. 

Collective 365 is a group of individuals coming together to use their talent, time, resources, and passion to invest in their community. The voting members of the Collective pay a yearly investment of $100 (or $50). The members’ investments are used to support the community grants. Each full-paying member has a vote on how the grant money is awarded. Those who are unable to make a financial investment are encouraged to join as general members.

During the year the members attend educational & networking events to become informed and engaged community members. The top grantee applicants and community members will be invited to the Community Brunch in April. The Community Brunch is an opportunity to celebrate all grantee applicants and award funds to applicants.


The Why?

To give Black & Brown communities the platform to define their needs and solutions.


Facilitate opportunities to learn about community needs through service engagement, educational and networking events in order to support the sustainability of communities of color through philanthropic giving.

Focus areas

Health | Education | Social Justice | Workforce Development


Board of Directors

Top row (left to right): Fatima M. Smith (Founder), Allison Gilbreath (President),

Bianca Myrick (Vice President), Amanda Thompson (Secretary)

Middle row (left to right): Felicia Baez, Abbey Philips, Ryan Gilbreath, Jenaé Harrington

Bottom row (left to right): Lisa Hicks & Ashley Gaddy

C365 Founder & Board of Directors (1).pn

Founding Members


Abbey Philips

macro social worker


Allison Gilbreath

policy analyst


Amanda Thompson



Angel Murphy



Bianca Myrick

nonprofit CEO


Fatima M. Smith

social momtrepreneur


Felicia Baez

health educator


Frank Pitchford



Griff Yancey



Jenaé Harrington

educator & entrepreneur


Julian L. Marsh, II

child advocate


Ryan Gilbreath

project manager