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2 Grants, 1 Mission

Collective 365 is a membership-based group of community conscious individuals who contribute their resources to make a big impact.


Since 2020, Collective 365 has granted $55,000 to individuals, groups, businesses & nonprofit doing work with and for Black & Brown communities in DC, MD and/or VA through the Community Change Grant.  After three years of investing in the work of Black & Brown folks, Collective 365 has launched a second grant fund, the Rest & Joy Fund, to invest in the well being of Black & Brown folks.


We have two grants and one mission, which is to celebrate and invest in Black & Brown communities, unapologetically. Collective 365 has four focus areas: health, education, workforce development & social justice.  Collective 365 is proud to support the innvoation and work of Black & Brown folks, as well as the rest and joy of Black & Brown folks.  All grants provide unrestricted funding, which means we allow the grant applicant to determine how to spend the money.


In addition to providing unrestricted grant funding, Collective 365 provides capacity building to our grant applicants.

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Which Grant is for You?

  • Individuals, non-profits, for-profits, groups may apply

  • Applicants must provide services that primarily benefit Black & Brown individuals 

  • Grant recipients must skip one year before re-applying

  • Grant funds must be used for Black & Brown communities in DC, MD, and/or VA.

  • Individuals who are at least 18 years oldreside in Maryland, DC or Virginia; identify as a person of color 

  • Individuals seeking funding for:

    • mental health services (this may include co-pay/co-insurance, transportation to services, childcare to attend services. Services include but not limited to: telehealth or in person talk therapy, sound baths, Reiki, mindfulness retreats)

    • rest (this may include paid leave from employment which the recipient uses funds to pay monthly expenses while they are away from work. We know most Black & Brown folks are not able to take extended paid leave from work, but this time is critical and a necessity for Black and Brown folks)

    • joy (this may include trips, down payment for a home, car)

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